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Our training is adapted to the needs of each client, based on our knowledge and practical experience. It is a training with a marked practical and applied approach. Different training modalities in the areas of composting and mushroom cultivation, as well as in the area of spawn elaboration.

We consider it crucial to train the whole team (workers, managers, technical directors, etc.). We also believe in the value of continuous training, to adapt to new developments and new technologies that over time are being implemented in the cultivation of mushrooms.

Our aim is to continuously update their knowledge, thanks to our daily contact with the practical reality of production and our intense work of research and development and Technological Surveillance.

Our team has extensive experience in the organization and delivery of conferences, symposiums, seminars, specialized courses and all kinds of training events in the mushroom growing sector.


Spawn Elaboration

We help to design and start up new spawn laboratory installations with different degrees of technification: from simple installations to the latest biotechnological developments. We provide technical support and technology transfer to improve the quality of inoculum and commercialspawnproduction.We...

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Filtered Bags

NEW!! BIOCONTROL Bags(patent pending)

These bags allow incubation and drying in a clean and safe environment in a single bag without the need to pour the contents into another bag..Contact us for more information.

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Marisa Peña interview in Fresh Plaza

I am convinced that the 21st century is going to be the century of the development of fungi as biofactoriesAlthough they are usually available in the vegetable section of stores and supermarkets, we should recall that fungi belong to a biological kingdom separate from plants, one of the five different kingdoms in which living organisms can be classified based on their evolutionary kinship. The...

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Mycological Dictionary


Fundamental unit of biological taxonomy. A biologically discrete group of closely related  individuals  which are capable of interbreeding and giving  rise to fertile progeny.

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