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  • The continuous training of the entire work team makes it possible to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the company.
  • We offer the client the possibility of being up to date on new technologies and processes thanks to our Technology Watch work.
  • The Technology Prospecting Visits help to know different working methods and types of facilities and encourage the exchange of ideas and opinions and facilitate contact with other companies in the sector at an international level.


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Filtered Bags

Test tubes & Containers

PE (Polyethylene) tubes and containers with lid, for tissue culture. The lid can have a microfilter adapted to send live samples or may lack a filter. Soon they will also be available in PP.They can be used for mycelium or tissue culture, they are hermetically sealed and reusable.You can choose the...

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Marisa Peña interview in Fresh Plaza

I am convinced that the 21st century is going to be the century of the development of fungi as biofactoriesAlthough they are usually available in the vegetable section of stores and supermarkets, we should recall that fungi belong to a biological kingdom separate from plants, one of the five different kingdoms in which living organisms can be classified based on their evolutionary kinship. The...

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Mycological Dictionary

Mating systems(patterns of sexuality)

Mushrooms contain both self-fertile and self-sterile species. Self-fertilization (homothallism or homomixis) is probably the most common mode of sexual reproduction in the fungi as a whole, but in the Basidiomycetes, self-fertile species are in a distinct minority of only about 10%; self-sterile...

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