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Industrial design and technology transfer

Together with the client, we define the specific project to be developed, specifying all the key aspects of the project and taking it by the hand until it is put into operation.We support in the definition of the design, projection and planning of the different facilities of each project. We advise...

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Filtered Bags

Advantages of filtered bags

They remain soft and easy to seal after heat treatment in an autoclave for up to six hours at (125 ° C).There are many models and sizes of standard bags, with different types of filters and we can also customize them for special needs.They can provide an adequate exchange of gases, but excluding...

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Marisa Peña interview in Fresh Plaza

I am convinced that the 21st century is going to be the century of the development of fungi as biofactoriesAlthough they are usually available in the vegetable section of stores and supermarkets, we should recall that fungi belong to a biological kingdom separate from plants, one of the five different kingdoms in which living organisms can be classified based on their evolutionary kinship. The...

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Mycological Dictionary

mycelium (commercial)

The network of hyphae that form the vegetative body of the fungus, grown on cereal grain (rye, millet, sorghum...). The fungi are the fruiting bodies of the mycelium.

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