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New developments, derivatives and other uses

Mushrooms can be cultivated not only as food, but also as a source of useful substances for industry and as a source of health.We advise on the development of biotechnology to obtain extracts, enzymes, biofertilizers, biocontrol agents, nutraceuticals, molecules with biological activity, useful...

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Filtered Bags

Bags Clapms

The Bag Clamp allows the bag to be hermetically sealed, eliminating sealer and sealing problems.They are sterilized in autoclave and are reusable.Allows an easy certification of the CO2 content of the bag and a sterilization control without cutting and resealing the bag.Offers greater versatility...

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Marisa Peña interview in Fresh Plaza

I am convinced that the 21st century is going to be the century of the development of fungi as biofactoriesAlthough they are usually available in the vegetable section of stores and supermarkets, we should recall that fungi belong to a biological kingdom separate from plants, one of the five different kingdoms in which living organisms can be classified based on their evolutionary kinship. The...

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Mycological Dictionary

culture (tissue)

A means of cloning living specimens while preserving their genetic constitution. Any part of a young mushroom may be used, but is preferable to take tissue from the upper part of the stipe since this area is a region of rapid cell elongation.

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