Marisa Peña Díaz, a biologist by training, has more than 30 years of professional experience and recognized international prestige in the sector of edible and medicinal cultivated mushrooms.

She is a pioneer in the implementation of new technologies in the sector, in obtaining new varieties of mycelium, the implementation of new composting techniques for the cultivation of Agaricus and Pleurotus mushrooms, the development and introduction to the national market of new species of exotic mushrooms such as Shiitake, Pholiota, P.eryngii, etc.. The Valorisation and management of post-cultivation substrates(spent substrate), improvement of the sustainability of the sector (integrated and ecological mushroom production) and development of products derived from mushrooms with high added value.

She began her professional career in a leading company in the mushroom sector at European level, as Development Director and Production Manager, where she was fortunate enough to work and gain practical experience in all links of the production chain, acquiring a comprehensive view of the mushroom growing sector. Throughout this stage she also carries out an important work of technology transfer collaborating in the commissioning of several compost yards and mushrooms cultivation facilities.

Later she worked as Technical Director of the Professional Association of Substrates and Mushrooms Producers of La Rioja, Navarra and Aragon (ASOCHAMP RIOJA), offering her technical support and representing, defending and promoting the socio-economic interests of companies in the sector. At this time she is also in charge of R&D projects at the Mushroom Research Technological Centre (CTICH), developing numerous research projects for the sector.

Afterwards, he turned his professional career around and specialized in Mushrooms Consulting, founding the company Hongo`s Biofactory. She has also been involved in other business projects linked to the world of cultivated mushrooms.

It also emphasizes its important scientific and research facet. She has coordinated and participated in several national and international research projects.

She is a founding member of the BioRioja Group (Biotechnology Cluster of La Rioja) and also the only European member of the Latin American Network of cultivated and medicinal mushrooms that integrates the main research groups and Latin American companies in the cultivated mushrooms sector. We are also members of the ISMS (International Society for Mushrooms Cultivation).

In February 2009 the Riojan System of Innovation of the Government of La Rioja, he selected his former company as a member of the Technology-Based Business Incubator, and won the PRIZE FOR THE BEST ENTREPRENEUR granted by the Chair of Entrepreneurs of the UR and the Chamber of Commerce.

Her latest business project is MUSHROOMS SOLUTIONS which arises with the aim of offering practical and innovative solutions and advanced services to the cultivated mushroom sector, providing comprehensive technical support and specialized training and helping to improve the efficiency of companies in the mushroom sector.


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Filtered Bags

Bags Clapms

The Bag Clamp allows the bag to be hermetically sealed, eliminating sealer and sealing problems.They are sterilized in autoclave and are reusable.Allows an easy certification of the CO2 content of the bag and a sterilization control without cutting and resealing the bag.Offers greater versatility...

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Today I want to tell you about a very interesting cultivated mushroom, this mushroom has a strange appearance of a white sponge or pompom and receives the nickname Lion's mane. Well, this kind of white sponge is a fungus called Hericium erinaceus and has amazing medicinal properties.In Japan, the Lion's Mane is popularly known as Yamabushitake, a word composed of Yamabushi and Take. The...

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Mycological Dictionary


The fusion of protoplasts of two haploid cells without the fusion of their nuclei, as in certain fungi; cell fusion.

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