Mushroom Cultivation

Each producer has their own approach to cultivation, which is what makes our profession so complex and interesting. The growing cycle, the raw materials and the quality of the mushrooms to be harvested combine to create the daily growing pattern.

Consulting is not simply answering the questions you have today. I ask questions that will help you find the answers for yourself. This will expand your basic knowledge and help you face tomorrow´s challenges.

We offer professional support in the techniques of cultivation management of Agaricus (button mushroom), cultivation of Pleurotus mushrooms and diversification of the cultivation of edible and medicinal mushrooms, developing the cultivation of new species of exotic mushrooms (Shiitake, P.eryngii, Pholiota aegerita, Grifola frondosa, Flammulina velutipes etc).

We help in the design and improvement of cultivation facilities and the choice of varieties.

We advise on existing regulations regarding the use of phytosanitary products and new approaches in the control of diseases and pests in the mushrooms cultivation.

Organic mushroom cultivation

We help to develop integrated and ecological mushroom production, implementing more sustainable production methods. We guide you in the elaboration of the substrates and in the techniques of ecological culture offering you the possibility of reaching new markets, in line with the concerns of the consumer towards ecological and healthy products.


Sustainability and waste recovery

We advise on the recovery of organic waste from agriculture, livestock and agro-industry for the development of substrates for mushroom cultivation.We help to reduce odours and pollutants in composting processes, and the application of good composting and cultivation practices.We help you to...

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Filtered Bags

Advantages of filtered bags

They remain soft and easy to seal after heat treatment in an autoclave for up to six hours at (125 ° C).There are many models and sizes of standard bags, with different types of filters and we can also customize them for special needs.They can provide an adequate exchange of gases, but excluding...

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Marisa Peña interview in Fresh Plaza

I am convinced that the 21st century is going to be the century of the development of fungi as biofactoriesAlthough they are usually available in the vegetable section of stores and supermarkets, we should recall that fungi belong to a biological kingdom separate from plants, one of the five different kingdoms in which living organisms can be classified based on their evolutionary kinship. The...

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Mycological Dictionary

culture (maitake)

Complicated operation involving a number of different operations, including the selection of an acceptable fruiting culture of the mushroom species, preparation of spawn and compost/substrate, inoculation of compost, crop care , harvesting, preservation of the harvested mushrooms, and marketing.

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