Spawn Elaboration

We help to design and start up new spawn laboratory installations with different degrees of technification: from simple installations to the latest biotechnological developments. We provide technical support and technology transfer to improve the quality of inoculum and commercialspawnproduction.

We have extensive experience in strain maintenance, the development of new varieties and the development of new spawn formulations (syntetic speed spawn).


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Filtered Bags

Bags Clapms

The Bag Clamp allows the bag to be hermetically sealed, eliminating sealer and sealing problems.They are sterilized in autoclave and are reusable.Allows an easy certification of the CO2 content of the bag and a sterilization control without cutting and resealing the bag.Offers greater versatility...

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Mycological Dictionary

Mycorrhizal fungi

Fungi that form a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with the rootlets of plants.

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