Advising and giving answers to all the questions and problems associated with mushroom cultivation and offering practical solutions to improve the efficiency of companies, is the main objective of MUSHROOMS SOLUTIONS and I have been doing it for over 30 years, fruit of my spirit of improvement. The same one that moves me to continue investigating, innovating and working, to achieve the development and professionalization of this sector.


Online Consultancy

We offer consultancy on distance services in the areas of composting, spawn and mushroom production, remotely, through the Internet; you can consult all your technical questions and get a quick, concrete and effective answer.CONTACT US, ASK US AND WE WILL HELP YOU TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMPERIODIC...

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Filtered Bags

Gusseted Bags

Autoclavable bags with side bellows that allow them to remain standing in the filling.They are generally used for the production of mycelium and for the production of Shiitake substrates and other species of fungi that require steam sterilized substrates.This type of bags are manufactured in...

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This past May, MUSHROOMS SOLUTIONS was at the MUSHROOMS DAYS in Brabanthallen`s Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands, where the 35th edition of the MUSHROOMS DAYS was held from May 22nd to 24th.This event is an excellent opportunity for the cultivated mushroom sector to get to know each other, for the exchange the experiences and to keep up to date with the latest developments in the sector.MUSHROOMS...

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Mycological Dictionary


A micaceous mineral whose granules expand greatly at high temperatures to give a lightweight, highly water-absorbent material that is used in sed beds as a mulch.

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