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Filters and perforations

UNICORN manufactures its own filters.

The customer can choose between various types of filters for their bags, according to their needs of gas exchange, type of substrate formulation, the use to which the bag will be destined, etc. These parameters will define the filter requirements.

  • The main function of the Filter is to maintain an adequate and clean atmosphere inside the bag.
  • The second function of the Filter is to provide an adequate gas exchange, which is determined by the percentage of pores per given surface and the size of the pores.

UNICORN manufactures filters that are not affected by the heat of sterilization, keeping the pore size intact.

The filters are thermally fixed to the bags, no adhesives are used.

TYPES OF FILTER: Filter A, Filter B, Filter T, Filter TV

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Types of perforations

In the area of the bag where the filter is placed, there are two types of perforations:

  • L HOLE: This is a single large borehole, located under and along the filter.LHoleFilters
  • PIN HOLES:These are small and numerous perforations distributed along the filter..PinHoleFilter


Online Consultancy

We offer consultancy on distance services in the areas of composting, spawn and mushroom production, remotely, through the Internet; you can consult all your technical questions and get a quick, concrete and effective answer.CONTACT US, ASK US AND WE WILL HELP YOU TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMPERIODIC...

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Filtered Bags

Test tubes & Containers

PE (Polyethylene) tubes and containers with lid, for tissue culture. The lid can have a microfilter adapted to send live samples or may lack a filter. Soon they will also be available in PP.They can be used for mycelium or tissue culture, they are hermetically sealed and reusable.You can choose the...

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UNICORN bags have always had a strong interest in sustainability and environmental car. That is why 15 years ago they developed a line of biodegradable filter bags, but by then they were ahead of their time, and users did not show much interest in this matter, so this project was stalled. But times are changing and now we are witnessing the growth of greater environmental awareness and this...

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Mycological Dictionary

Culture medium

Micro-organisms differ in the nutritional needs. A large number of fifferent growth media have been developed, PDa-agar and malt agar can be used fr most cultivated mushrooms.

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